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Money Back Guarantee offers a solid 30 day money back guarantee on all new accountsAll our hosting plans carry a 30 day money back guarantee. If we fail to meet your expectations in any way and are unable to ensure your complete satisfaction, we will refund your payment.

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Terms of Service

The Terms of Service (TOS) constitutes an agreement between web host hereafter referred to as "the provider" and you, the customer herein referred to as "User" or "Customer"

Use of any of the provider's equipment, storage space, bandwidth or any of the services constitutes acceptance and agreement to the provider's policies is subject to the terms and conditions below.

If you are unsure if your website or account violates this agreement in any way, please log a support ticket with the provider's accounts department and ask for a review of your site. Should the accounts department deem your site acceptable, note that this acceptance is valid for the content of the website as at the time of the verification. Any changes or modifications done thereafter, while not necessarily making your site contradictory to the TOS, will render any previous statements, made by the accounts department, regarding your site's acceptability null and void.

No requests for refunds will be entertained should the customer's account be suspended or terminated due to any violations of the provider's terms of service agreement.

Contact Information:

It is the customer's sole responsibility that all contact information on file help by the provider is correct and up to date. This can be done by logging into the customer's account billing area and verifying and amending details as needed.

The provider reserves the right to send out service related announcements and invoices relating to the customers services to the email address on file. The provider may also send occasional promotional information related to the services we offer.

The provider undertakes that that promotional material will never be sent out more than twice a month barring any technical difficulties with the mailing system.Technical and billing announcements and notifications will be sent out as needed.

The provider also undertakes NOT to sell, give away or trade ANY of the user's information to any third party. We will however comply with any lawful request by an authorized government or law enforcement authority for user account and contact information.

Money Back Guarantee:

All new hosting accounts have a full money back guarantee, upon cancellation within 30 days of payment, if the account holder is not satisfied for any reason. The amount refunded will be the dollar amount paid to the provider by the account holder, and to the bank account, credit or debit card or in whatever form the original account payment was made.

Should we register a domain on your behalf, the fees for the domain registration are non-refundable. Should you receive a free domain from us as a part of any promotion, termination or cancellation of your account will void that promotional offer. There is a fee of U$15 per domain per year remaining on that domain.

Money back guarantee applies to new clients only and does not apply to additional products purchased. Returning clients, whose accounts were in good standing, may at the provider's discretion be granted another thirty (30) day free hosting. Please note that this is however in no way guaranteed.

Accounts suspended for breach of the terms of service do not qualify for the money back guarantee.


Customer accounts are to be paid up on or before the renewal date. Any account unpaid after three (3) days of invoicing will be suspended. To make payment arrangements or to have the account unsuspended, please contact the provider directly. Should the account be suspended, the customer is not relieved of the responsibility of paying any outstanding amounts to the provider. Should you no longer need the account, please follow the cancellation procedure as outlined.

Account Cancellation:

The customer may cancel the hosting account at anytime however refunds are limited to the first thirty (30) days of the account. Cancellation requests must be logged as a ticket to our accounts department All cancellation requests must reach us at least a full 48 hours before your next billing date to avoid any billing issues otherwise you will be billed for your next billing period.

The customer's services and hosting will be fully operational until the last day of the subscription period regardless of the cancellation date, unless the customer specifically requests for their account to be terminated. While the provider undertakes to keep the customer's account functional until its expiration, the customer is fully liable for any outstanding charges that may be due to the provider.

Should the customer's account be in good standing at the time of cancellation they will be welcome to resubscribe to the service should they wish to do so.


Should the customer at any time issue a chargeback through their credit card company or their payment processor, all services included in the customer's account will be immediately suspended and the relevant authorities will be contacted for a resolution.

Account Termination and Suspension:

Violation of any of the terms of service is grounds for immediate termination of the account and all services associated with it. Any of the customer's websites contravening any of the terms of service or being found offensive or illegal in any way will be removed without notice.

The provider and its staff strive to be as professional as possible as this is a business and our customers are our business. Staff members are expected to treat all customers and potential customers with the utmost respect and professionalism and we ask that you inform us if this is not the case. In this light, we will not tolerate any abusive or threatening behavior against any of our staff, partners or affiliates. Any such behavior is grounds for immediate account termination.

Should a customer's account be terminated for contravention of any of the points discussed in this document, no considerations of refunds, reinstatements or any further dealings will be made.

Provider Liability:

The provider undertakes to make every reasonable effort to avoid downtime and that all servers and accounts are running at optimal efficiency. The provider is not responsible for any damage or loss, financial or otherwise, sustained by the customer or the customer's users or customers due to any failure of the provider's equipment or hardware or any problems on the network as well as the provider's storage devices and backups.

While the provider does provide the customer with backups, these should not be the customer's sole backups as the provider cannot be held liable for loss or data corruption of said backups.

By using any of the provider's services, the customer agrees that they will make no claim or attempt to make any claim for any damages, hardship or financial loss sustained while using the provider's services.


Backups are done on a daily and a weekly basis. Each account is backed up on a Sunday and then every day. Customers can restore either a weekly backup or the backup from the previous day. These backups are done as a courtesy to our customers and the customer is responsible for all their own backups. The supplier cannot be held liable for any loss or corruption of backups.

Bandwidth and Disk Usage:

All of our hosting accounts have disk and bandwidth restrictions set at the WHM/Cpanel control panel level. If the customer reaches the bandwidth usage limit for the month, the account will be suspended until the 1st of the following month. Also if the customer reaches the disk space limit you will no longer be able to upload or store any additional files on that account. To prevent this from happening customers are advised to purchase additional bandwidth or disk space in advance or upgrade to the next available plan if they expect the resource usage to go over the allocated amount. Also note that the system will send out warning emails should the resource usage be nearing its limit.

Resource Usage:

Customer's accounts which use up resources to a point of a system overload, slowdown or crash will have their accounts suspended. The provider will only unsuspend the account once the customer can prove that the account in question will no longer be using extensive resources.

The provider will not check or debug any scripts or software which might be causing the problems. The customer will need to find out why their account was causing problems. The provider will present any server logs related to the account in question should they wish to view them and they are currently available. It is the customers responsibility to ensure that all software running on the providers server is written I a way as not to cause undue stress on the server. All versions of any of the scripts from the Matt Wright archive are banned from our servers due to the security risk that they pose.

The customer's account is for web hosting and email usage only. Any activities outside the scope of web hosting and email will be grounds for account termination at the discretion of the provider.

Support Boundaries:

The provider offers 24 x 7 x 365 technical support to our customers. As the services we offer are in the realm of shared and reseller hosting there are no hardware issues that the customer will have to deal with. All control panel, operating system and server software is installed and maintained by the provider's technical staff and no customer intervention is required.

The provider will offer assistance with issues arising on the customers control panel as well as server/network issues which the customer is having troubles with or cannot setup themselves.

The provider does not offer any application or programming specific support such as HTML, PHP, CGI programming or support with any 3rd party software. We will assist with installation of 3rd party software only if root level or administrator level is required to our server.

NB: 3rd party software which has to be installed on server level will have to be intensely investigated and scrutinized by our technical staff before we will consider installing it. The provider reserves the right to refuse any 3rd party software installation which we deem as dangerous or detrimental to our service.

The provider does not provide technical or any other support for your customers, you are welcome to use the support system to direct questions or queries to the provider, but the customer may not have any of their customers forward support questions to the provider without previous agreement and permission.

99.5% uptime guarantee:

If for any reason (except for scheduled downtimes) our network or servers are down for longer than 0.5% in any month, you can request a 40% discount for your following month's services. For clients paying yearly, the equivalent to 40% of a monthly payment will be deducted off the next payment.


The customer is prohibited from using any of the provider's resources or services in any and all types of illegal activities.

The customer shall furthermore not include links, store, present, promote or involve the provider in any illegal activity; this activity includes but is not limited to the following:

* Running unattended server-side or stand-alone processes such as IRC servers, bots or any daemons.
* Hate, racially, threatening or otherwise abusive content of any kind.
* Due to multiple international pornography laws, we do not allow adult sites of any kind.
* Copyright, trademark, patented or other intellectually property which the customer is not the owner of or has permission to use. Official written proof of ownership/permission must be presented on request.
* Content promoting, instructing or inciting any illegal activities or linking to sites promoting, instructing or inciting any illegal activities.
* Warez, cracks, hacking, phreaking, spam software or any software that promotes or facilitates illegal activities, includes viruses, spyware or any other harmful code.
* Any type of open proxy. * Fraud, pyramid schemes, multi-level marketing or any other activities deemed to be fraudulent.
* Running services promoting, facilitating or instructing in spam advertising or related spam services or fraudulent activities.

Responsibility for Content:

You, the customer, are solely and entirely responsible for all content on your account. The customer is also responsible for all content stored by persons sharing or using the customer's services. Reseller customers are solely responsible for all content stored on their customer's sites.

Although the provider facilitates global online presence, the customer's content as well as services provided by the customer must be in accordance with U.S. Federal, State as well as all local laws pertinent to your place of residence and/or business.

Unsolicited email/SPAM:

The provider has a ZERO Tolerance policy towards all SPAM.

Unsolicited mail (SPAM) is defined, but not limited to, as any email or marketing material sent to recipients who have not explicitly asked for it. SPAM also includes Usenet posts in newsgroups for the sole purpose of promoting or marketing a business or a website on the provider's servers. Creating email forwards to email addresses which are not directly accessible by you or without the recipient's specific written consent are also considered SPAM.

Any customers caught participating in any spam activities will have all their accounts and services terminated immediately. Customers under investigation for spam will, at the provider's discretion, have their accounts restricted or suspended to prevent further violations of the SPAM policy. The provider is legally obliged to notify law enforcement agencies if the violation is believed to be of a criminal nature.

Customer's sites advertising, promoting or making available tools or materials for the purpose of making or sending SPAM or any other unsolicited emails or postings will be suspended or terminated without any prior notice.

To avoid SPAM issues we advise all our customers avoid using any third party mailing lists to distribute emails even if those lists are guaranteed to be safe and clean.

The provider's customers are fully responsible for the actions of their respective users or clients on the provider's network. It is advisable that customers develop a similar, or stricter, policy for their clients.

System Security:

Customers may not attempt to violate or attempt to bypass or violate the provider's servers or network. Violators will be criminally liable and their details will be handed over to the appropriate law enforcement authority. The provider undertakes to cooperate with any law enforcement agency in investigations and prosecution of user involved in said violations.

These violations include, but are not limited to:

* Accessing or attempting to access any data which does not belong to the user/customer or to which the user does not have explicit written authorization to do so.
* Testing, scanning or probing the system or network for any vulnerabilities or breaching the authentication measures or security of the provider's network.
* Interfering or attempting to interfere with the normal operations of the provider's services by any means including but not limited to crashing, flooding, or overloading the server in any way.
* Forging email or TCP/IP packet headers in any email or posting to a newsgroup is strictly prohibited.
* Obtaining or attempting to obtain access to any services to which the customer does not have authorization or access to.


This document may from time to time be changed at the discretion of the provider. Notification of changes will be posted on the website as well as sent to all the email addresses of customers on file. All customers agree that changes to this document shall not constitute grounds for non-payment or a request for refund. All users are required to comply with any amended policies within three (3) days of them being published. The customer may request a termination of service should the amendments not be acceptable to said customer and no further charges will be made to the customer's account on confirmation of the cancellation request.

We are not responsible for lost, undelivered or misdirected email therefore you are strongly urged to check the website regularly for any updates to this document.

You are required to keep a valid and current email address on file with us, in your billing account.